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Refrigerated Container

Container Pro Refrigerated Container

Refrigerated Container

These containers are second hand. There is a variety of machinery types available. The Refrigerated containers are High Cubes 9’6. Price will vary with year of equipment.


External Length: 6.096m
External Width: 2.44m
External Height: 2.59m
Internal Length: 5.87m
Internal Width: 2.35m
Internal Height: 2.38m
Door Height: 2.28m
Door Width: 2.34m


  • Double doors at rear
  • Wind and Water tight
  • Aluminium T-Flooring Floors
  • 30 Tonne Rated
  • 3 Phase Power
  • Stainless Steel walls
  • Temperature range -25 to +25


  • Static Cool Rooms
  • Mobile Cool Rooms
  • Wine Cellars
  • Temporary Cool Rooms
  • Public events
  • Converted into Non Operating Storage


  • Shelving
  • Converted into a non operating Reefer as NOR, used as a general container storage with insulation. These units can also be used for to convert into offices. As it already has insulation.


We can organise the transport for you.

  • Sideloader
  • Skid Loader / Tilt Tray
  • Crane