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Container Sales

Container Sales

We sell a variety of New and Second Hand containers.
All containers can be purchased in AS IS status, Wind and Watertight, Cargo Worthy or IICL Standard.
We can also modify any of these containers to meet your specific needs.

Container Pro 10ft Container

10ft Container

We cut down second hand containers or manufacture from scratch. This container can be fitted with a lock box and used for storage when space is an issue. We can paint these containers to suit your specific requirements.

Container Pro 20ft Container

20ft Container

We have second hand and new containers. These can be fitted with lock boxes and can have all different types of modifications done to it. We can paint these containers to suit your specific requirements.

Container Pro 40ft Container

40ft Container

We sell 40ft containers fitted with Lock Box if required. 40ft Containers are 9’6 high. We can paint to suit your requirements or modify with shelvings, hooks, install windows and standard doors etc. We can also modify these container by heightening it or widening it to suit your needs.

Container Pro Refrigerated Container

20ft or 40ft Refrigerated Container

We sell both sizes of Refrigerated Containers. These units can come with all different manufacturers of the refrigerated units, such as Carrier or Thermoking. These units will be tested as operating prior to leaving our site.

Container Pro Flat Rack Container

20ft or 40ft Flat Racks

We sell a variety of different types of Flat Racks, with ends, without them. They are sold in various condition depending on your use.

Container Pro Open Top Container

20ft or 40ft Open Top Container

We have different qualities of 20ft and 40ft Open Top Containers.These can be sold with or without tarps, depending on your use.

Container Pro Container Modifications Mine Box

Container Modifications

Container can be modified in so many ways. This can include: Shelving, Hooks, Roller Doors, Standard Doors, etc. Boxes can be heightened, shortened, widened or converted into offices or buildings. Containers can be built from new or the container modified to suit your specific needs. The modifications are endless. All it takes is your ideas and our labour. Here are some examples.